Children & Youth Sabbath Schools

Beginners I (0-2 years old)

From birth to 24 months, infants and toddlers are given a visual and sensory introduction to the stories that teach of God’s love and care for His children.  They learn to sing to Jesus and take their first steps while learning Bible stories such as Creation and Baby Moses.

Beginners II (2-4 years old)

Through interactive activities, children enjoy a visit to the “farm” where they meet animals God has created.  They ‘"feed" the cows, "ride" the horses, and help the baby animals get back to their mommies.  Parents are involved  and help train their children to show respect for God’s house.


Beginning with singing praises, children in this class learn about sea shells and other creatures God has made during Nature Nugget Time. They take turns telling the class of a good deed they did in order to add to their paper chain hanging from the ceiling.  They experience hands-on, interactive activities that encourage multi-sensory learning.

Primary (Grades 1-4)

This class begins with a sharing time about the events of the week and prayer requests.  Song service includes the ever popular "Do Lord" chorus.  The class divides up with the Grades 1 & 2 and Grades 3 & 4 in different rooms to play "Sword Drills" (find the story in the Bible) or crafts.  Children learn about serving God and serving other who are in need.

Juniors (Grades 5-6)

This class learns of serving others in mission stories each week.  An object lesson with pictures is presented each Sabbath that relates to the weekly Bible lesson.  Bible-centered themes form the basis of each activity as the love and character of God are explored.  Games, such as "Bible Hangman," are played on the whiteboard and boys compete against the girls with Bible knowledge questions.

Earliteens (Grades 7-8)

This class focuses on discernment and decisionmaking as young people begin to enter the stage of thinking independently.  Using drama, music, games, puzzles, and other activities, Christ and His timeless truths are presented in a captivating and interactive manner.

Youth (Grades 9-12)

This class starts with a “meet and greet” with healthy snacks for teens ever growing appetites.  This class is blessed with a two-pronged approach to learning.  The first part of the class is a time of Bible games or in depth discussion on real life current issues facing us as Adventist Christians.  The games are fun and the in-depth discussion shows clearly how we must do more than understand doctrine, but be able to apply it in situations where the answers are not always self-evident.  This is followed by a hands-on Bible lesson that involve the youth looking up texts, linking concepts together, and reasoning from cause to effect about the great truths of the scripture.  There is no timetable to complete these custom lessons -- if it is not done one week, the leaders pick up where the group left off the following week.  This allows for deeper studies and thinking over time that better prepares our youth for tomorrow.