Adult Sabbath Schools

Sanctuary Class

The Sanctuary Sabbath School Class is a quarterly class which places emphasis on the study of the Bible, the authoritative word of God. This class will dig deeper into the subject matter of the quarterly, mining for the precious gems found in Scripture. It seeks to lead participants into a higher, more meaningful, committed walk with the Lord that the last day generation must have, through in-depth study of the gospel as it is in Jesus and its application to the unique message given the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Members find great joy in study even as they study solemn truths.

Library Class

The members of the Library Sabbath School Class come to learn of Jesus from His Word.  Here through the blessing of the Holy Spirit participants open God’s Word and seek to discuss His message to us and its application to our lives.  In this class, members are both students and witnesses testifying of Christ’s work for us and in us. All who come to participate are counted as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, and all are welcomed in His name.

Overflow Room Class

The Overflow Rooms Sabbath School Class is a warm and caring class. They spend the first few minutes discussing individual concerns and requests for prayers. This class has a caring fund that is used to help people that are in need.  They study the adult quarterly and their approach is to prove that the Bible is just as applicable today as it was when it was written. They attempt to bring the Bible alive for today, and class participation is encouraged.  Leaders help people feel comfortable, and encourage them to join the discussion of the subject each week.

Multi-Purpose Room Class

The Multi-Purpose Room Sabbath School Class is a warm and inviting group of Bible students who like to take time sharing prayer concerns and praises. These are taken in prayer before the start of discussion.  This class follows the adult quarterly where members ask questions to foster a closer look at God and deepen their relationship with Him and each other. Members hope to take away insights that will strengthen their walk with Christ and impact those around them for His kingdom.  From time to time, a class potluck is scheduled at a member’s home where individuals can get better acquainted. Ministry is an important part of this group, and members are invited to share in any special projects.

Special Needs

The Special Needs Sabbath School Class includes snacks and a special time for support for participants and caregivers.

Online Sabbath School Study Guides

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